Clay Mixing Machine

As being one of leading manufacturer and exporter of bricks making machines and clay mixing machines, we provide high quality range of machines with longer service life. Precisely engineered machinery offers consistent quality product.

Our range of clay mixing machines is build with confirming international standard. It is built accurately and exported to Arica, Iquique, Alto Hospicio, Pozo Almonte, Antofagasta, Calama, Tocopilla.

Check Quality as our products for most importance, we offering manufacturer, exporter and supplier of clay mixing machine.clay mixing machine are industrial and designed by our knowledge engineers. Our company plan is to go away no capacity for defects in the manufacturing process of in clay mixing machine and bricks making machines.

Specification of clay mixing machines:-

  • Operate with 3hp Motor Diesel Engine Generator.
  • 4 to 6 Any Worker
  • 2 HP Single Phase electric Motor
  • Zero Maintenance.
  • Quality Bricks

Capacity of clay mixing machines :-

800 to 1000 bricks/hour


Brick Making Machine In Chile

Brick Making Machine