Owing to our expertise in this domain, we are providing our clients with an extreme quality range of Hydraulic Cylinder for Mining Equipment. Every manufactured cylinder is put through several levels of quality assurance and is then tested for optimum performance before it leaves our facility. Spuncast specializes in centrifugal casting, a process that uses centrifugal force to produce hydraulic cylinders that rival the density, purity and toughness of their forged equivalents – often with lower costs and faster lead times, as well.  We work on specific solutions around the hydraulic and pneumatic transportation, as for example paddle-wheel hydraulic jacks. This includes a wide range of equipment including off-road haul trucks, hydraulic excavators, shovels, dozers, and front loaders. Cylinders in tunnel boring machines are exposed to wearintensive circumstances, whilst dealing with extreme side loads and torque acting on the cutting head.

Hydraulic Cylinder for Mining Equipment